Beneath Surface Level

Mar 3, 2019    Rev. Jong Park    Genesis 37:1-38
Bigger inside than outside

## There is deep dysfunction underneath (vv. 2-4)

Israel loved Joseph more than his brothers. The sin of sentimentality - it reminded him of his favorite wife. The brothers “felt” that he loved Joseph more than any other and they hated him for it. Apart from Grace sinful patterns will consume your life. Grace is the subversive power of God to break our sinful patterns.

## Pain is the stimulus to go deeper (vv. 31-35)

“He refused to be comforted.” He is depressed. He cares not for what any one included God can say to him. He is angry, sad, and misery is his friend and he will not be comforted. He is experiencing deep pain - and we can say we deserve it or we can say we do not want to be comforted and way to pay for your sins. God is saying, “I am your comfort and I have paid for it” but Israel does not listen. Jacob has to release his grip and when he yields his sons into God’s care is when he receives his lost son back. He changes from refusing to be comforted to needing mercy.

## God uses works in progress (46:1-3)

God is relieving Jacob of his fear. Jacob is a tired and worn out and still God uses him. When we hold on to the grace of God and we stumble it shows Christ. This Jacob in his old age and in his brokenness - he is granted such dignity...he blessed Pharaoh and he blesses his sons - fulfilling the covenant promise of being a blessing to the nations. 1 Co. 1:3-4.

## Applications

**A. Recognize God is at work in our lives**

**B. Be honest with the story of your life**

We don’t need to edit or re-write our stories. We don’t need to spin our stories.

**C. Develop an awareness of what I am feeling and desiring.**

**D. Apply the gospel to emotional health**